SIMulation for PLanning the Embolization of intracranial aneurisms



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Motivations and summary of the project

Many vascular pathologies can now be operated on in a non invasive way thanks to interventional radiology. Using such technique, therapeutic tools are inserted within the arteries, up to the lesion through a catheter. As a particular case, intracranial aneurisms present like herniae onto the arterial wall. The endovascular treatment consists in filling the aneurismal cavity by placing coils. These are sorts of long platinum springs that, once deployed, wind into a compact ball. Considering the location of the lesion, close to the brain, and its small size, a few millimeters, the interventional gesture requires a good planning and cannot but be performed by a very experienced surgeon.

A simulation tool of the interventional act, available in the operating room, reliable, adapted to the patient's anatomy and physiology, would help to plan the coil placement, train the surgeon, and improve the medical training to the technique. The SIMPLE project, an INRIA cooperative research action (ARC), aims at developing methods to simulate coil deployment in an intracranial aneurism, running in real time and adaptable to any patient data.

For further information, you may read the original project proposal (in French), or have glimpse at the poster (in English).

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